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Pedro! Pedro!

"Pedro! Pedro!" were the words I heard as a cowboy from one of the neighboring ranches approached the fence on his mule following our 1 week long youth camp. As he came closer I realized that he was the local rancher that has been causing trouble amongst the other ranches.

Over the past couple of months he has come close to physical confrontations with several of my neighbors, shot a neighbor's dog and threatened just about everyone in some form or another.  He is a hard-hearted, angry man and I cringed as he called my name through the fence. I thought, "I wonder what he wants? What did we do to offend him?" The cowboy began, "Where did all the young people go?" I responded, "They've returned to their homes, Easter camp is over." Then he said, "Every night I could hear the worship songs in my home. I like the worship music. It can touch a man's heart. There was one of the songs I really liked. It touched MY HEART and I began to cry." I stood there at the fence filled with wonder at how the Holy Spirit was at work in a ranch 1/4 mile away, tearing down walls and bringing healing to one of the hardest people we know.  He ended the conversation saying "It's good for a man to be sensitive in certain areas of their life isn't it, Pedro!?!" With joy I replied, "Yes, that is true." God used the worship of a 140 teenagers to reveal himself to a lonely hard-hearted man. The streams of living water continue to flow from Rancho el Camino, often reaching the barren desert places of one's heart.

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